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meteor garden korean version 2008

i heard about a meteor garden korean version in the making earlier on, and since its now june, i found out from this site, that they’ve just chosen kim hyun joong to play the part of rui. anyway heres the link

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong selected to play Rui
June 21, 2008

SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong was casted as the F4 member Hanazawa Rui in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, which is scheduled to be broadcast via KBS 2TV in the first half of 2009. The Korean name for Rui has not been set yet.

This will be the third time the Japanese manga will be turned into a drama series. The first one was a Taiwanese version, which was aired in 2001, and the other was a Japanese one, which was broadcast in 2005.

According to an official from Group Eight, the production house in-charge of the drama, Kim Hyun Joong was selected to play Rui because he was deemed suited for the character. The decision was based from his performance in the MBC program “We’re Married,” where Kim Hyun Joong is being coupled with singer Hwangbo.

Meanwhile, at the moment, the 3 actors who will play the other members of F4 are yet to be finalized.

Source: Stoo + krnloop

hmm i really really love hana yori dango, the japanese version of meteor garden, so i really do have high expectations for the korean version. i’ve read a lot from other sites on who they think would fit the 5 cast perfectly well. i have my own choices too :P.

Makino Tsukushi

1. my first choice would be Go ah ra, although she’s cute looking but i think her looks can stil pull of someone normal like tsukushi

go ah ra

2. my second choice would have to be park shin hye, i can really see her being makino or tsukushi hehe. i first saw her in stairway to heaven and i think she’s a great actress!

park shin hye

3. my 3rd choice would be kim tae hee although she is a bit old for the part, but hey, she can still pull of a highschool girl look, if they decided to do a version like in hyd. maybe she’s too pretty for the role hehe but i still think it would be alright 😛

as for domyouji@ dao ming si role hmm…

1. Lee tae hee’s brother 😛 i really like him eventhough he was really annoying in sth, i know he’s already actedwith park shin hye in tree’s heaven but another round wouldnt hurt right? he’s got a tough look about him, so i think he can pull it off

2. my second choice would be joo ji hoon from goong, coz he carried out the role of a cold guy really well haha eventhough my best fren cha really hates him hihi . and plus he’s really tall!

3. my 3rd choice is si won, i think he was such a cutie in 18 vs 29 😛

as for Hanazawa rui… oguri shun and vic zhou did a realy great job potraying them, and oguri shun will always be my rui hahaha. i think the role of rui wouldfit nicey with someone who has a softer side phsicaly?

1. my first choice would be…jae joong upa..although i know he’s not that great of an actor, but he’s face just screams out rui hahaha. i hope if he does get the part, which i think he wont :P, i hope he gets more training in acting lessons.

2. my second choice would be ki bum coz he has a great smile

3. my third chice would be kim jeong hoon from goong..

well..i really hope that they would announce the chosen actors and actresses soon! i would definately love to see am korean version of hana yori dango as i loved the other 2 versions. whats ur fave actor to play those roles? 🙂

i got this picture from



  1. Ish for #2!!! Nda mau hahaha! Someone who is playing as Domyoji must be rough, but at the same stupid, and likelable! TO ME hahaha 😛
    My pick:
    Si Won as Doymoji (but I voted for Hyun Bin) either one of them!! Kim Jeong Hoon as Rui?? Yup! Yup!

  2. haha he’s alright! si won would look really good playing tsukasa! and yul can also play rui really well i think!

  3. i would love to se go ah ra as makino!

  4. im currently watching who are you and loving it! i voted for go ah ra too

  5. Tahnks for posting

  6. hi!! from turkey ı like k.j.h. and princess hours very beatiful =) =)

  7. i enjoyed the palace ritual and all and yoon eun hye is a fave actress of mine too 😛

  8. Jeong Hoon…Klike you so much!
    Cute,kind, and smart…
    Stth….did you know that your face alike with my ex?!

  9. Jeong Hoon…like you so much!
    Cute,kind, and smart…
    Stth….did you know that your face alike with my ex?!

  10. im watching mawang and i think ju ji hoon is so damn hot in there 😛 whose stth by the way? hehe

  11. i like YEH!
    she fits the role..
    and remember..all of her dramas gained popularity!
    she’s the best korean actress..and model..

  12. you got the wrong picture for Joo Ji Hoon.. the picture is Lee Ji Hoon

    the none cast isn’t confirm yet..btw, hyunjoong is recently hospitalised..hope he’s better

    anyway i hope this will be shown on KBS world!

  13. my bad!! they loked kinda d same hhha

  14. no problem..

    it’s ok.. as long it wasn’t jeong Ji hoon!(BI) LOL

  15. yaaaaaa hastayım kim jeong hoon cok tatlı cok yakısıklı askım benim o yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  16. i would prefer kim kibum to be one of the f4…hahahaha a member of SUPER JUNIOR becomes F4……….NAE! ANNYONG HASAEYO!

  17. me tooo!! but its out of our hands 😦

  18. Aaaahhh! I love Kim Jeong Hoon! He’s such an awesome actor. I cried during his scenes in Goong!

    • i liked him in goong so much too 😛

  19. jaejoong isnt the best actor but i think he would do a good job……

  20. oh! you r so cute “n” handsome.

  21. jaejoong……………………………….

    luv u…………………

    can u b my fwend, f u dont mind…..???????????????

  22. love u….

  23. yeah~~ ur rite ~~~
    our first choice is JAE JOONG oppa !!!!

  24. ı love kim jeong… you very handsome . ı love south korea . ı love koreans . by by.. muck

  25. GRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..ang cute mo tlga jae jong
    sna my manga serye k png plbas ur d top among d rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. what is your realy name
    your health is good
    i love you
    you photo please give mme

  27. All the while, they make the rich white men that own them richer by the day. ,

  28. i love jae joong oppa. he’s a coolboy . he looks like Rui

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