Posted by: msbubblea | July 7, 2008

who is yoon kye sang??

im nearly wrapping up the drama who are you, ive got 2 more episode ;left whihc im gonna finish watching by tonight ­čÖé at first glance, i wasnt that taken with his looks or the way he acted, but after the 3rd episode, it really dawned on me that he can really really act! anyway, i thought i’d just write down s few things about him that i manage to find from other sites. 2 b honest, im really doing this for myself as i cant get enough of him ­čÖé

# Birthdate: 1978-Dec-20
# Height: 182cm
# Weight: 62kg
# Star sign: Sagittarius
# Blood type: O

Name: Kye Sang Yoon
Day of Birth: December 20th, 1979
Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea
Family: Grandfather, parents, older elder sister, dog (Leesuil-lee), god members
Education: Jam-sil elementary school, Jam-sil junior high school, Seoul electron industrial high school, Chung-gang industrial technical school, Kyong-hee University – Major: Post Modern music
Height & Weight: 182cm (6ft.), 62 kg
Religion: None
Blood Type: A
Personality: He is not very sociable to strangers, and his physical condition is easily influenced by environment.
Habits: Touch his nose.
Jinx: I always go to the restroom before going on the stage.
Ideal woman: Someone who is very feminine, prudent, wise and respectful
Favorite music: Rock, Hip hop, Disco / Kyung-ho Kim, Jin-young Park, Hae-chul Shin, Young-jin Ahn, Still Heart
Favorite color: Black, white, silver.
Favorite foods: All foods made by my mother.
Favorite Style: Hip-hop style, Casual suits.
Hobbies: Playing computer games, listening to music, going to the movies, repairing broken stuff.
Musical Goal: To open up a new genre by combining hip hop and rock
How I joined in god: When I took the audition, I thought it’s for a rock group. But as you know, it wasn’t.
Most valuable possessions: My Cellular phone (cause it was my mother’s present)
Motto: Do not forget those who do love me and whom I do love.

i think he was discharged from the military in 2007? i think he was, and he had a few dramas, he was in my sister in law is 19, crazy for you- which i wanted to see but because it seems like a melodrama type , i had to pass…! im just so glad i watched who are you as i loved everything about it, just like my fave drama flowers for my life, i laughed and cry all the way through.. and go ah ra was really cute!!
when i was watching soulmate, and in the beginning of the 5 episodes, there was this song that i really liked, the part where lee su geong was karaoke-ing with her bf phillip, and they were singing to a song named lie by G.O.D, i loved that band when i heard their album, chapter 3, and i was estatic to know he was from G.O.D too haha. now when i looked at his younger days photos he seems so boyish and arhhh so cute!

this was a picture of him when he was in the military ­čÖé

anyway, heres a few of the drama’s and movies he’s been in

crazy for you 2007

my sister in law is 19 2004

lovers of 6 years movie


hmm i might watch that one above SUNG YU RI hehe..anyway, ill update stuff about him when theres something new, until then, sarangheyo yoon kye sang oppa ­čÖé



  1. My thought on Yoon Kye Sang…
    HE IS EXTREMELY CUTE, JUST TOO HANDSOME…and talented!! He’s able to act two different persoanlities in “Who are you?” as cold and serious character, and a happy and comedic character, he did it SO WELL! He really impressed me!

    funny about…how he joined G.O.D lol well at least he still can rap..right?! in G.O.D

  2. i so freaking agree with you!! he’s just so talented! im cant wait to watch the next drama he’ll be in…if…it isnt one of those melodrama type ­čśŤ

  3. omg. i love him! he’s such a great actor and a smexy one too! :} haha. totally looking forward to his new movie “Beastie Boys”

    btw. you should totally watch “My Sister-in-Law is Nineteen”
    ‘in my opinion i’d say that it’s better than “Who are You”. it’s not all cry-cry, but very funny too. one of my faves. +plus Jung Da Bin has the lead role in the drama and she’s just an amazing actress.

  4. im looking forward to his enw movie too, it seems lie i cant get anough of him. eventhough ive finished watching who are you, his smile still lingers in my head hehe. my internet connection is really slow right now and icant download any drama’s soon. but if its on sale here in kk maybe i’ll grab it asap!

  5. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been rewatching some of his dramas and one thing is for sure: his smile is adorable^^! you just can’t get enough of YKS^__^

    yeah, I can’t wait till the movie is out. It looks hott:} Have you seen the trailer yet?
    (hmm, what is kk? :p)

  6. yes his smile is what stands out the most for me hehe!! i havent seen the trailer yet though co youtube doesnt seem to load nowadays ­čśŽ kk is actualy kota kinabalu, im from sabah malaysia, and kk is our main city ­čśŤ

  7. yes a very nice drama series ,i’m always watching the series in especially yoon is a very good actor ….by the way ,i’m from cebu,phil …i admire the cheek bone of yoon the way he smile & i’m looking forward of his new movie!!!

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