Posted by: msbubblea | July 27, 2008

spring waltz

my mum recently bought this drama as it was on sale the other day, and we had all finished watching it. it was the last installment of the 4 season drama’s. remember winter sonata, autumn in my heart and summer scent? i’ve only watched 2 of them and i had to pass up summer scent becuase i really dont like song seung hoon. i find it annoying when he cries. it was  a pain to see him in autumn although i really did like song hye gyo..even when i was hoping for her to die quickly coz i was rooting for won bin 😛

the first few episode …the child actors were really good at acting..but i found it a bit too long 😛 then when they first started to fall in love, that was really sweet i must say, sweeter than winter sonata and autum in my heart. and then when it got to the middle, it was a bit draggy that i teng to wander of doing something else when it was playing, and my mum fell asleep in some of the episode, i had to nudge her a few times..and everytime she would it over?

i watched it mainly because i really wanted to see daniel henney. what can isay, that man is perfect in every way..although i do find his acting a bit stiff sometime. but seeing him get rejected really makes u more sad than watching the main characters apart haha.

as for the ost. i really did love it all. not as addictive as winter sonatas ost but just as sweet to the ears. and the scenery was really gorgeous, makes me wanna go to korea even more, regardles of what season it is. althoug originally i wanted to go during the winter 😛

as for the overall story, hmm, id give it a 7. i didnt fell for the main actors charm, he’s so so tall and although his acting is quite good, he somehow looks to me like the snake in Kungfu panda hahaha, everytime he showed up, the Snake would be in my head too 😛

and i really wanted to bash that other female character.i wonder if a person like that realy exist? she’s just too stubborn, in denial and her way of love is absolutely ridicolous and just plain desperate. theres not an inch of me that really sympathises with her character. plus..she looks a bit old for the main character..old or boring? maybe both. theres one thing im glad about it though, it had a satisfying ending, not a great was enough to know that one of them didnt die, got sick along the way..or got blinded in the end. so them ending up marrying was..satisfying.

the actor and actresses

Seo Do Young

Han Hyo Joo

lee so yeon

daniel henney

heres some of the ost that i really love

one love by loveholic

flower the male version

spring waltz ost

spring waltz ost 2



  1. infestasi good,klik link nya okey..

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