Posted by: msbubblea | July 29, 2008

kwon sang woo getting married to sohn tae young!

he was the first korean guy oi fell madly in love with, he was the guy that reignited my passion in watching kroean drama;s again and he was the guy that lived in my heart every now and then hahahaha. i really do love kwon sang woo! and will always will, and to know that he will get married to miss sohn tae young from the drama to marry a millionaire, i find it a match made in heaven as they are both truly beautiful people! anyway i read the article from kbs global, heres the link

Kwon Vows to be a Passionate and Devoted Husband


  1. U have a good looking girl hehe…
    n congratulations!!!!!!!! i’m big fan…
    i like u…love u hehe..
    expecially on drama stairway to heaven…bad love…
    so hope u two happly ever after….n have a good looking kids…

  2. he’ll always be oppa in sth for me 🙂

  3. Wow…yeah, I used to be a big fan of him but now I don’t really care but hey, I say congrats Kwon Sang Woo and Sohn Tae Young!! May you live happily ever after!! =D

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