Posted by: msbubblea | August 21, 2008

Alone in Love Drama

My mum bought this drama a while ago, she bought 2 actually, the other one was spring waltz which i forgot instantly when it finished. I wanted to watch this drama because im a fan of Gam Woo Seong after watching The King and Clown with Lee Jun Ki my fave actor too hehe.

there’s a similar feeling to watching this drama with Flowers for my life, which is one of my favourtie! it had witty dialogs, realistic characters and no overboard drama. i like it coz it teaches u a thing a two about love and life and all the emotions that we’re bound to feel as humans.

its about a divorced couple who parted after the death of theier newborn baby but still are in love with eachother, the drama brings u through the ride of thier ups and downs. this story is so cute and artsy at times. and the ost is so beautiful, i still find myself humming to it in my mind,a nd when im out, i tend to recall back some of the scenes between those two characters. and i absolutely love the other 2 supporting roles, Lee Ha Na as her sister was just so funny, she ended up hooking up with the lead starrings best friend who is Kong Hyeong Jin, and they were very fun to watch at. so sweet and childish, reminds me of my first love hahaha. anyway, i really hope pple would watch this drama, its a really really well directed with great performance by all cast. its a bueatiful drama that will stay in my heart forever.

Lee Dong-jin and Yoo Eun-ho got divorced 2 years ago, but somehow they keep meeting each other for some odd reason. Even after they’ve gotten a divorce, they keep meeting up at the donut shop where they used to date to keep check on each other’s love life.

They sustain their relationship through making various excuses to meet such as marriage and divorce anniversary. However, unlike other young couples who get easily married and divorced, these two really love each other. Nonetheless, others can’t seem to leave them alone in their appeal as singles. Even though they love each other, in their pride, they end up introducing someone else to each other…


Gam woo seong

Son Ye Jin

Lee Ha Na

Kong Hyeong Jin

my fave and saddest episode was in episode 15 where she sang the thank you song, the lyrics was just so so touching 😦

Son Ye Jin – Thank you

to you i seem to have said many many words too many
my heart continues to be greedy without my understanding
it remains even when my words stop my breathing
because i try and try and still you don’t seem to understand my heart
the wound that only gets worse as i treat it over and over
i am not to recover but these words i want to say regardless

thank you. why it was so difficult for you.
these words that came back too many times and are getting forgotten
thank you really.

thank you. why it was so difficult for you.
these words that came back too many times and were almost forgotten
thank you really.

I’m a romantic so i really was satisfied with the ending 🙂

heres some of the ost from the drama i uploaded. enjoy 🙂

Son Ye Jin – noon mool song Thank You

Sarang Ee Sarang Eh Geh Mood Dah


Ah Moo Ree Saeng Gahk Hae Doh Nahn Nuh Reul – sweet sorrow

day by day – shin hye sung


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