Posted by: msbubblea | October 2, 2008


OMG! the cast for the korean version of meteor garden is finally here!!! i read in dramabeans blog that the cast is out!! except for makino/san chai’s actress that is ­čśŤ but anyway, omg!! the riddle has dinally been solved! anyway, here they are ­čśÇ

lee min ho will be playing the role of tsukasa or dao ming zi

Kim Hyun-joong, idol singer of pop boy band SS501will take on the role as RUI/Lei

Kim Bum will be playing Soujiro/ i forgot who played who in metoer garden :P.

And, finally, Kim Joon is the least-known of the F4 boys, as Akira/ i think vaness was him in metoer garden..??.

Sooo…let keep our fingers cross and hope that the korean version will be mind blowing like hana yori dango!! aiii but i still feel that only matsumoto Jun can pull off the ”domyouji” vibe and aura …hehehhe:P

lets wish these boys luck huh!

and as for makino/san chai.. i really really hope they pick out a good actress and not just some pretty face ­čśŤ

Hana Yori Dango – my best version always!!!

Meteor Garden – the only taiwanese drama i ever watched ­čśŤ

was madly in love with hua zhe lei hahaha



  1. Makino role has already been anounced!(oct 6) Just check my bloggie.^^

    anyway.. I think you got the wrong picture for Lee Min Ho! and very sure you got the wrong picture for Kim Joon

    The Kim Joon on both picture is actually Kim HyungJoon of SS501(same with HyunJoong) not the Kim HyungJoon(of the same name) of T-max..(ahh very confusing!)

    Lee Min Ho.. i don’t think he looks like in the picture you posted.. as for KIM BUM..i’m not sure.. But you definitely got Hyunjoong picture right!

  2. haha your’e rite, i got it wrong, im really not familiar with thier faces, but i think kim bum is rite ­čśŤ

  3. yey!!! KIM BUM!!!!
    Lee Min Ho? as Tsukasa? the face not the type I like hahah, we’ll see when the drama comes out!
    But the rest are so cute!!!

  4. at least kim bum is in hahahha

  5. ..uhmm..they’re all cute…
    but the taiwan version is really the best..

  6. I hope too that Koran F4 will meet Jerry Yan Vanness Wu Vi Zhou and Kn Zhu

  7. I hope too that Korean F4 will meet Jerry Yan Vanness Wu Vic Zhou and Ken Zhu

  8. I had already watch this drama. the cast in this dramas was soooo HOT!!!! especially Kim Bum…4 me meteor garden version Korea is better than version in Japan. This drama r so funny and I cannot stand it when 1st time I watched it..

    So, I give 5 stars 4 this drama.HAhaha…

    • im glad u liked it im ok with it for now, im just a bit annoyed at jan di’s character hehe

  9. omg im sooo upssed with kim bom and goo joong peop!

  10. i agree with you about MatsuJun being the only “perfect” Tsukasa…but Lee Min Ho is bringing a new/different side to the role…and i like Jerry Yan, he was very child-like ^_^

    Hana Yori Dango will forever be my favorite drama of all time….
    but Boys Over Flowers is turning out to be my 2nd favorite of all time…

  11. I like Korean drama and movie. And I also like Korea K-pop songs especially the songs of DBSK and SS501 and also Super Junior.
    I wanna see this drama because one of SS501 member played a role in this series.

    • i love dbsk… and the drama is good so far ­čśŤ

  12. ├žokk g├╝zel bir dizi s├╝per hatta─ča

  13. ┘Őě│┘ä┘ů┘ł┘ł┘ł┘ł┘ł┘ł┘ł ┘ůě▒ěžěžěž ┘ćěž┘Őě│>>>>ěžě┤ ě»ě«┘ä┘çěž

  14. I really like boys before flower drama..
    I really like kim sang bum..

    • i love all the f4 in this drama, esp kim bum and jun pyo hehehe

  15. Hey,

    what drama is the images in your banner, please email me back

    • its from the drama someday

  16. OMG!!..i really can’t take this korean version meter garden..they were all gorgeous!!..this was the best version meteor garden among the rest!!..

    • this is the most attractive f4 members! hahah

  17. ^I agree, they are! ­čÖé

    I lab it,..
    They’re all hawt!!
    im always watching it..:)

  18. Hehe I think the Korean version is better. The taiwanese version is too long. And I havn├Ąt watch the japaese version yet so I can’t really compeare to it.

  19. YESSS, The best pack of all. I think I like the korean version better than the Japanese though. But Lee Min Ho hair drives me nut. I can’t stop wishing him to fall in the pond so the hair will be straightened…or wearing a hat so I don’t have to see the ridiculous hair. Sorry, Lee Min Ho.

  20. LEE MIN HO!!!!!!!!!
    You look so handsome!!!!!!!!

  21. bu diziyi ├žok be─čen dim japon versiyonuna ├žok bezetmi┼čler ama bu daha g├╝zel lee min hoo s├╝per

  22. HAHA !!

    GREAT !! GREAT !!

  23. Ugh…Uhh is very Cute
    Annyeong haseyo?
    Cheoneun wie imnida.

    Hey Guys,
    haengbokaeyo… Fighting….Aza..

    • ha ur funny, anyeong heseyo! aja-aja!

  24. f4 version korea very cute.

  25. hi to all avid fan of f4..korean version is so nice i like it,im always looking forward to its episode..
    hope i can get its dvd soon..

  26. ..wOw!.. unbeLievabLe.. BOYS OVER FLOWERS.. weLL,, i LikE LEE MIN HOO so muCh aNd KIM HYUN JOONG too.. i wAnt to meeT tHeM..huH.. =D ….. THEY ARE SO HANDSOME!!..

  27. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHiiiiiiiiiiii,,, you know !! now i can sleep happily ever after,,because now i’m know ending of “simens & Sancai’s friend ” relationship or “Soujiro & yuki” Relationship,,, “ga Eul and yi jeong is very cute and perfect couple,, Gammbate!!! I love BBF,,,,

    • arghh now im missing them all again sighhhh hehehehhe

  28. hi kim bom i hope i see you in personal….

  29. I think you got the wrong picture for Kim Joon(WooBin). Isin’t that Kim Hyung Joong(JiHoo)?
    And I love the Lee Min-Ho(JunPyo) picture!
    He’s so HOTTTT!!!!
    It would be the best thing ever if I manage to meet them.

    • really? i’ll check it out, thanks ­čÖé

  30. i Love kim bum^^

    he so cute…ahmpf……

  31. hai im totaly fan of meteor garden

  32. kim bum………..
    you look so handsome…….!!!

  33. h!ang galing nyo.

  34. i luv you kim bum….

  35. hi,
    i like u so much. i like this f4 version korea. take care bye bye

    lay pyay

  36. i luph kim hyun joong very much..^x^

    wish met him…

  37. kim bum cute .. .
    And Kim Hyu-Joon , , I very love you

  38. the boys over flower its super amazing,your so very handsome kim bum

  39. hello,wat’s up this time?you’re so good on acting!

  40. the boys over flower its super amazing , your so very handsome kimbum
    I yuo kibum
    aku sayang kamu kimbum

  41. hahaaah…….
    kim bum,,,,super cute tlaga….
    hope i cud see you!!!!!hehehe
    luv you so much

  42. Well they got already and her name was Geum Jan Di.She is actually Shan.Chai but with different kind Geum Jan Di was a laundry girl and Shan.Chai was a worker on a bakeshop .And at the end Mama told me that Guem Jan Di become a doctor and Yoon Ji Hoo become a doctor too. And on the other side Goo Joon Pyo became a Businessman and Yi Jung maybe become a famous pottery worker and everybody knows that and the end Goo Joon Pyo and Geum Jan Di togther Forever.

  43. i will miss bof somuch……………………………… i wish na sana pumunta kayo dito sa philippines

  44. hyyyyyyyyyyyyy???
    kim hyu joong i love you bybeh

  45. hyyyyyyyyyy
    sunbeh kim bum and kim joong
    kuratsoh i miss you .


  46. Hello!
    Nice to meet you!

  47. lee min ho…………
    i love u……
    i like ur hair style……
    i hope u come 2 malaysian again

  48. i love you kim sang bum,your so cute and handsome,how i wish i could see you in personal,i wanna see you in person,pls come in the philippines.

  49. i love you kim sang bum,your so cute and handsome,how i wish i could see you in person,,pls come in the philippines.

  50. korean and taiwan drama is the sme.. wonderful! i hope 2 see all of them..he2

  51. hhhiiii, Jung pyu or Lee min ho…how are u???? u look cute espacially if u smile but i look u so thin ler example i look u open the ur clother in drama over flower boys hhhheeee..but look cute..can u give u friendster or facebook so that i did contact u????this is my Friendster forget add me because i have many story i want tell u…also, dont forget must always eat until u body will fat hhheeee…add me

  52. _hie kim bum_

  53. lee min ho anh la vo dich

  54. lee min ho lee min ho

  55. i like boys over flower verrrrrrrrrrry much n iluv gu jun pyo a lot.

  56. Hi.I’m elnaz from iranian/tehran.I love kim hyun joong.I like yahoo kim hyun joong i find and speak with her.I like you’r eyes.

  57. Hi.i’m tannaz from iranian/tehran.i love lee min hoo.i see you closely.i love climbing.i like yahoo lee min hoo i find and speak with her.

  58. Hi.I’m farnaz from iranian/tehran.I love kim’re my funny.I like yahoo kim joon i find and speak with her.

  59. Lee Min Ho you’re so cute… That’s all I can say… Godspeed

  60. lee min ho is a promising best actor ,
    and kim joon is such a handsome boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. lee min ho u r so handsome . i love u. .take care


  63. hi i’m gilda from iran(shiraz)
    i love lee min & kim bum very much i like to see them closely they are very acute and kind

  64. i love you all…i hope i can meet you all at korean…

  65. this drama is the best

  66. i love this drama so much

  67. wow kimbum oppa saranghae

  68. ang ganda naman ng mga pictures ng f4,at ang galing-galing pa nilang umarti,at ang ganda ng kanta nila,nakakakilig na lab-story,metior garden,at boys over flowers season 1,sana ipalabas ulit ito,kasi subrang napakaganda ng kanilang drama si goo jun pyo,,,jhe hoo,,kim bum,,kim hoon jung,at si geum jandi na pinag-aagawan ng dalawang guapo,,,,,jejejejejejeje,sana this year ipalabas ulit nila ang ganda-ganda kasi talagah,,,,,,(metior garden,,boys over flowers)

  69. sana makahanap ako ulit ng magmamahal sakin ng tunay,ung hindi ako iiwan at papalitan,pero masak8 pala magmahal at meron kapang karibal,karibal na nga kab8 pah,kainis subrang lungkot ko na talagah,parang gus2 ko ng mamatay,nagkamali ako ng minahal at inibig,sana sa december 24,2011 chrismass namin yun,sana mgkaroon ulit ako ng gf,ung hinde sana pick-up girl,sana tuloy ako sana hanggang ngayun nag-aaral pa rin sana ako napariwala kasi ako sa barkada at sa pag-ibig uber

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