Posted by: msbubblea | October 6, 2008

Gu hye Sun is Makino/san chai

i saw this is dramabean and a bit disspointed, i was rooting for Go ah ra :P, but i hope she can change my mind….fast! i havent seen her in any drama before so i dont really know much about her..just like the other f4 members..but at least she looks the part…lets keep our fingers cross though and hope that this would be one great drama!!

What im pretty sure is that…all of these main characters are sure to make their name one hell of an obsession among kdrama’s fan!

and i cant help myself but be on the same path as them… hahahhahaha:D



  1. haha I hope we’re going to like her!

  2. me tooo!!! fingers cross!!!

  3. ehmm.. u never watch any of her dramas?? O_o and never watch any of the F4 member dramas?? O_o

    i guess u dont have to worry much. this girl is pretty talented.

  4. i guess im really picky when i want to watch any kdrama ­čśŤ

    i only know ki bum and i think i have seen him in some drama;s before, but not enough to really see how good of an actor he is.

    but i hear gu hye san is a great actress so i think she live up to our expectations ­čśŤ

  5. ciao

  6. unni, saranghae

  7. i like her specially in Boys Over Flower, she’s very talented and she’s good in both comedy and drama,:)

  8. hi said of lim min ho that i love him

  9. hi!!!!how are you.,.,
    ,.,….,,you know what? you are my number 1 idol

  10. hi………….
    how are you………

    kapan maen ke indonesia………..
    balaz yaw……………

  11. She’s pretty ­čÖé even i like soeun more than her

  12. oooohhhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyyyy ggggodd,,,,filmnya bagus banget!!!!!!!!!ini adalah film terbagus yang aku lead pertama kali

    eh napa gak jdan adjah ma lee min ho,,kan cocok????aku suka film ini becauze film yang paling remantisssssss!!!!!!!kapan – kapan maen ke Indonesia donk,,,ntar maen kerumahku!!!!!!!!!!please bales donkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. —-***********—-
    you are soooohhh pretty even with / without make-up, you are still beautiful.
    i guess she’ll knows how to take care of her face.
    that cutest and pinkish face, wow its awesome,
    for the other i think it so hard.
    goo hye sun, i always idolized you,
    even though the f4 was finished, but the memory
    of what you did, you are still jan di in our heart.
    God bless you and your family.,

  14. your so beautiful…..

  15. I admire u so muuuuch!

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