Posted by: msbubblea | October 7, 2008

The Devil Mawang

I have just finished watching this drama! my bff cha saw the Japanese version and she was curios about the original version so we decided to watch it. the first few episode didnt impres me that much, but i think after the 3rd or 4th episode..i was taken! firstly, Joo ji hoon is mighty fine in this drama. he looked much better than in Goong which i didnt finish coz….it was too sloww. i think i still had about 2 episode left? anyway, joo ji hoon lost a lot of weight! im not familiar with uhm tae woong. its my first time seeing him in a drama. i think he’s the brother to uhm jung hwa from seducing Mr perfect. i wasn’t rooting for him…but it was still sad when he died in the end.

i think i’m more into those love + comedy type ofkdrama’s than suspense drama’s coz my heart just cant take it hahaha. green rose was a pain to watch…pain as in..i sooo wanted him to have his revenge and i was terrified if he was caught again. every episode was like waiting for my medical checkup result hahhaha. i dreaded the next episode if i knew that the ”hero” was gonna get caught!

anyway, back to Mawang. i found mawang to be emotionless who smirks at the sight of his planning turning out the way he wanted them too. although he seems cold and detach but the presence of Hae in, makes his human side resurface again. it was a pleasure to see all the ”bad people” got what they deserve one by one. seeing him smile everytime his plan worked beautifully really made my day hahaha. i like that the story didnt focus too much on the sappy-ness. it was more towards the mawangs vengeance. i liked also that every character had its own story line, and each of thier storied inter wine with eachothers. and im happy for the loyalties of the other characters towards mawang…because you see, these 2 main characters, mawang and the detective…they aren’t really bad people..

i like the whole tarot storyline . im very interested in Tarot reading too 🙂 it cost a lot though in here 😛 i enjoyed learning what each card represent..and i do believe that these tarot card can say something about the future 😛

another this that i loved about the drama is the OST!! its fantastic!! i loved listening to it everyday and mawangs face would pop up and make me feel all giddy inside wahahaha.

but let me warn you…this isn’t a happily ever after ending, and although it broke my heart into tiny little pieces…i loved the way it ended, it stayed with me for a while…it had  an ending where everything just questions aroused..i dunno how to explain it haha.

but there’s just one thing though..WHO THE HELL STABBED OUR MAWANG???!!

this is my assumption anyway, i think he was hired by the son of the lawyer who was killed in the first scene. haha thats just what i think though:P


When Homicide Detective Kang Oh Soo hit a dead end in his investigation of two seemly unrelated murders, except for the Tarot cards left behind at both crime scenes, he sought help from Seo Hae In, a woman with psychometry ability. She revealed that the killers were different in each murder, but the victims were chosen for their connection to a death of a high school boy. Later, the cases proved to have one more thing in common: the suspects have the same defense attorney, Oh Seung Ha.

Seung Ha’s defense for his clients severely shaken Oh Soo’s conviction to catch the Tarot Card mastermind. Oh Soo was reminded that years ago he had killed a high school classmate in a fight. He was acquitted of all charges and began his life anew. Now, someone has came back to revenge the boy’s wrongful death by killing those who got him off.

Joo Ji Hoon as Oh Seung Ha

Shin Min Ah as Seo Hae In

Uhm Tae Woong as Kang Oh Soo

and heres another pic of him with his sister uhm jung hwa

the synopsis was taken from wiki 😀

heres some of the ost that i really love….

01.JK김동욱 – 사랑하지 말하요 [Love Theme].mp3

03.바비킴&부가킹즈 – 뒷걸음 [Main Theme].mp3

05.박학기 – 날 사랑하나봐.mp3

my rating for this drama? i’d give it an 8 for hte great plot and execution and 10 for the ost!!



  1. I didn’t know that Uhm Tae Woong was one of the cast! i’ve not seen his sister act..his sister is a singer! Oh so you have not seen Delightful Girl Chun Hyang? Very Funny Drama..:P
    Same here, i prefer funny romantic drama than sappy ones.. i’ll check this drama if i have time..:)

  2. yup she’s a singer and an aatcress 😛

  3. It’s definately the lawyer py anak la, ya btul ko ckp, I recognise him!
    This drama totally gave me heart attack! hahaha

    wah so sexy o Hae Lin in the pic!!
    ya, no more watching this kind of drama, it was painful!

  4. no more no more!!!! no more cutie guys in pain and die hahahha

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