Posted by: msbubblea | November 5, 2008

Someday drama


I have just finished watching this drama! and i must say this didn’t disappoint me at all!  i was skeptic at first whether this would be a good drama but boy am i wrong. this story has the same kind of quirkiness that it has like the drama Alone in love.

Anyway heres the synopsis from yesasia

Although Korean-Japanese cartoonist Yamaguchi Hana (Bae Du Na) has found great success with her romantic comic books, she herself doesn’t believe in love. Raised by her grandmother, she is content to live in her own world of writing and drawing, but one day her comic gets discontinued. Unceremoniously thrown back into the real world, Hana travels to Seoul where she meets Kim Seok Man (Lee Jin Wook), a kind-hearted private investigator with a tragic past, and Go Jin Pyo (Kim Min Joon), a doctor and ardent comic fan who observes life with a detached eye. As Hana retraces the tragic love story of her elderly neighbors with Seok Man and Jin Pyo’s help, she realizes that she herself is experiencing love for the first time.
what i like about this drama is the steady pace and how it allows the main  characters charatcer unfolds. it does fall into the melodrama kind of drama’s but you wont be crying your eyes out every 5 secs haha.


I’m really glad lee jin wook got play the lead role in this drama, beside having a ”killer smile”  i found his presence on the screen really assuring.

Bae doona was in the Host which i loved btw, and although she doesn’t have the normal type of korean beauty im used to seeing, i’m drawn to her face everytime she appears.

as for kim min joon, i haven’t really seen  him in any drama yet, i found his character to be a bit of annoying and in denial.She doesn’t like u so why keep on trying? haha. But he pulled it off quite well though.

as for Oh yoon ah, she was in Alone in Love too, how can i forget anyone in that drama? ;P I’m so glad she didnt turn out to be one of those pathetic side characters we always see. i like her strong character..and it made me wanna be like her. plus she’s gorgeous 😛

i loved the ost! and i loved how the drama was directed and how every episode ended. i thought it was different and unique. overall i give this drama an 8 out of 10 🙂


you can read more about the drama someday in this soompi forum

heres3 of the ost that i really love 😛

01 Someday -융진 jin(‘casker’ vocal)

03 The Fog -부활 (復活)

04 떠나 過去-에코 브릿지(Eco Bridge)



  1. hahah I haven’t finish watching…but im liking it ho, it’s so sweet, and i like the girl who played as Yamaguchi…she got a unique innocent face ho
    and of course si cutey haha

  2. lee jin wook is a cutey kan hohohoh!!!!

  3. hahahah finished!!!! Finally, sy kasi abis 5eps satu mlm haha!!! sy pun ska btul tu 2nd girl, sy ska btul persoanlity dia n chracter dia hahahahaha oh and i luv her hair

    yap si seok man is sooo cute o!! ei ko nda rs muka dia skit mcm tae bong, klu bentuk muka dia kurus skit, mata dia bsar mcm tae bong hahaha

    sy rs mama si Hana ctik ni, mcm graceful haha

    yey for Happy Ending!! Everybody have somebody except mama si Hana, but that’s bcos mama Hana is so in love with bapa dia hahaha, bl dia sda jumpa tu nenek, I was like dei finally haha

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