Posted by: msbubblea | November 28, 2008


i was watching MTV just now, and they showed this new korean boyband SHINee! i was hooked at first sight! the dancing was nicely choreographed and they were really good! the song and music vide for Lovelike oxygen reminded me a bit of Wheesung whom i really like! i just downloaded thier mini album and so far i give them the thumbs up! lets see if they can be as big as DBSK and Super junior!

well i manage to dig up some info about them from the wiki 😀

SHINee is a five-member boyband formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group debuted on May 2008 on SBS Popular Songs with the single, “누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)”. The group consists of members Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, and Key. SHINee’s official fan colour is pearlescent sky blue and their official fan club name is ‘SHINee World’ entitled after their first studio album and a song from the very album as well.

heres the official site for the group

aand you can read in soompi if u wanna know more about them






  1. Was the show Asian Takeaway?

    anyway.. you wrote “mini album”.. The mini album doesn’t have Love’s Like Oxygen. It’s in their first album and repackage album.

    oh and btw, wheesung is back!

  2. yes i know that hehe, ive listen to all of it. there were only 5 songs in there. i liked this music video the most, that was what i was saying 😛

  3. wow.. ur fast becoming their fans.. it took me a while.. noona nomu yeppo (replay) was a bit … for me but the catchy rhythm got me liking them..

    emm.. what’s ur header means?

    “나 의 한 국 드 사 마 애 대 한 내 맬 섬”

    i only know “한 국” means..

  4. The header means “my passion for kdrama” haha

    I love the Noona is so pretty replay!!! XD

  5. haha cha did the banner 😛 im not good at those 😛

  6. ^ Kamsamnida!

  7. I love shinee so much

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