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Rude woman/Outrageous woman/The daring sisters

its been a while since i blogged in here ­čÖé December was a buzy month, with xmas, new year and of course my Korea trip with my BFF cha hehe. Korea was just wonderful and i cant wait to go there again ­čÖé

Anyway, i bought the drama The daring sisters on 3rd of January in Centre point. i just wanted to add to my collections of drama’s haha. I’am really really greedy when it comes to korean drama’s ­čśŤ

I bought this drama because of Sa kang/ sa gang! i just loved her in Soulmate! and then i found out Kim bum was in it too!!

anyway before i write down my review for this drama, here’s a thing or two about it from Soompi and dramaWiki.

the synopsis

A story inspired by “Desperate Housewives”, this is a korean version of it. Rude Woman (aka Outrageous Women) tells a story about Mi Joo, a divorcee who seek revenge on her ex-husband, Jung Suk, a surgeon who had remarried with his beautiful wife, Eun Young and their daughter Ha Na. Mi Joo then meets Rookie, a former baseball player who happened to be the owner of the house she rents in Korea upon her arrival after 10 years living in U.S with her son, Joon.

the cast

Yoo Ho-Jung as Song Mi Joo
Im Ji-Eun as Kim Eun Young
Jung Woong-In as Jung Suk
Lee Ki-Woo as Jang Woo Jin
Oh Ju-Eun as Yang Da Rim
Sah Gang as Go Sang Mi
Choi Woo-Jae as Jo Tae Joon
Jung Joon-Ha as Baek Uk Nyun
Kim Bum as Jung Hyun Joon
Park Ji-Eon as Jung Ha Na
Ahn Yeon-Hong
Jeon Won-Ju




I liked it fom the first episode, and i gradualy started to love it ­čśŤ for me the story made me laugh in every episode, and alhough i know that Jeong Seok is to be blame for the pain Mi Ju feels, i find myself rooting for him haha. Jung woong in has certainly turn me into a fan of his with his potrayal as Jeong suk, his facial expression was so funny! at times it seemed like he had that Joker Smile going on ahahaha!

I admire Yoo Ho Jung a lot! she’s in her late 3o’s but she stil looks so fresh and young! although she did annoy me abit with her plans for revenge hahai have to admit, she made me laugh a lot too!

As for Da rim ..i don’t think she’s that pretty. She’s the most annoying one in this drama for me. I just wanted her to make up her mind! iher mother is kinda rite, in he dark, men are just men, something like that, the appearance doesn’t really matters, its how you’re taken care of in the future ­čśŤ

Lee ki woo as Wu jin ..hmm…he’s so freaking tall man!! I mean, i see a lot of actors run but the way he ran ..with his daddy long legs, i just stared at the screen. What a tall good looking guy! wahahaha! His character was really sweet, trying to break down the walls in Mi ju’s heart. Hei, even if he’s young, love is love rite? now when a younger guy approaches me maybe i’ll consider him ­čśŤ

Im Ji-Eun as Kim Eun Young..i didn’t know it was her in Sympathy for Mr veangence, well it was years ago haha. she didn’t really annoy me that much, except for the part where she asked Jeong suk to burn Juns picture after leaving them. that was painful to watch..

Kim bum as Jun..this boy really as the cutest face ever! and when he cried when he finally knew about his father broke my heart. im glad he’s in Boys over flowers! i’ll be watching that drama next..after i finish love and marriage ­čÖé

Sa kang was Sang mi, her character here reminds me of her character in Soulmate, Naive and soft spoken. I wished she had more screen time!! and i was really interested in her story with her husband! I was hoping for her to diss him and in return that would make him want her more…but…

Overall, each episode entertained me well, some parts were a bit dragging..but just A BIT. And im glad that i wasn’t sniffing all the way through the end. i think i laughed much more haha. I loved that Jun was able to forgive his father, i didn’t want the story to focus on Jun trying to forgive his father and ol haha. the ending was really sweet. I loved the part where Jeong Suk and Mi joo were in the chapel and he was telling her it wasn’t her fault that he left. That was heartbreaking…coz im sure when a husband/wife leaves ther spouses, the first question they’d ask themselves would be, did i do anything wrong? and im glad that Jeong suk really did feel remorseful for abandoning them…one thing i wished happen..i wished Jeons suk knew about Eun youngs affair with Tae Jun her senior..but i guess that would have dragged it into a few more episode. Oh well..i’ll settle with this ending..

I give this a 8/10. i think its a great watch for the family, and it does teaches you a thing or two too in life hehe ­čśŤ

1. Letting go of ur grudge is the best means of forgiveness

2. Do not judge a guy by his looks ehem..and vice versa

3. Dont be selfish and toy with others love..

4.Never have extra marital afairs ­čśŤ

Im gonna miss this drama..aigooo… glad i watched it ­čÖé




you can download the soundtrack from Soompi ­čÖé



  1. you r rite..after watching tis drama,the idea of accepting a younger man seem like a very gud idea..=)

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