Posted by: msbubblea | January 19, 2009

Boys over flowers episode 1

boys over flowers

I have just started watching Boys over flowers episode 1 last night and yes i do admit i had really high hopes for this drama to be  a blast..but i finished watching it with a slight annoyance towards Jan Di.

I have seen the taiwanese version which was entertaining to me although the acting was stiff..and i absolutely loved the japanese version and everyone in it…especially oguri shun ehem..

Its only the first im keeping my fingers cross that Gu hye sun will..for the love of god..tone down her acting…cause she looks constipated sometimes with her facial expressions! I mean..i know she’s 25 so maybe she’s trying hard …too hard i pull of a 16 year old girl? Sometimes its unbearable to see her .. i wish i could lean in and smack her across the scene

I adore kim bum..i watched him in rude women and he was really good..but i find it akward when he speaks in english and then flirst with women who could act as his mother haha.

Lee min ho does bear a resemblence to Jerry Yan, i liked his permed hair 🙂 his acting was good to me, and he carried his role well.

Yoon ji hoo..well..i will always be in love with oguri shun..but so far..i think he’s ok..he does look a bit cakey though with all the foundation he has on..perhaps? missing rui already….~~~

and the yo yo yo wassup guy..i have no idea why that was written on the came across as LAME for me and my friends. i really wasnt expecting that one! i couldnt even laugh.

the story was good i think and like any other good kdrama, it was entertaining too.

well..over all..i think the drama still has som good potentials, and regardless of all the flaws i see, the ost bothered me too.., i think this would still be one good drama..and i’ll be focusing on lee min ho for the most parts 🙂 lets hope that all the overacting would gradually be toned down…



  1. she looks constipated sometimes with her facial expressions wahahah ya bah!!

    aiii the ones that I look forward to see in this drama is Kimbum ….and Kaka Jun Pyo haha

  2. its a total copy of japanese f4!!

    • its not a total copy but there is alot of similarities between them especially the way the korean rui is dressed haha. but i hope they fnd thier own way along the way…

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    • thanks, ur a sweetie 🙂

  4. i wish she had long hair.. it totally bothers me! it’s sort of Makino’s trademark..

    KimBum is such a cutie..his dimples…aww!!

    yoyowassup = lame! Kim joon needs more lines!

  5. wew…I like it so much but, it ends at 31th march. T.T.

  6. mast…bindas…meaning awesome,best,heart-breaking and what not.Everything one would like to experience in our personal lives.It’s fantastic,faboulas,fantaboulas.


  7. your drama BOYS OVER FLOWERS rocks…its the first drama i am addict to!!!!!!!!!
    i love all the actors in the drama and i envy jandi…infact i am much like her…A GANGSTER!!!
    but nowadays we are trying to live without the amazing serial as here in INDIA the transmission has been stopped due to some reasons…but to get it back we are voting for its retransmission..hope everything goes well…
    love you
    keep up the good work!!!

  8. i love this drama…. i love junpyo!!!!!!

  9. ang cute ni kim bum(yi jeong)and ang gwapo ni lee min ho(gu jun pyo)

    i luv them!!! more power to u guyz….

    at ang cute rin pla ni jan di

  10. kim bum is the cutest of all the f4

    • ang cute ni kim bum ang pangit ng katawan ni jun pyo

    • no arguments there lol

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