Posted by: msbubblea | April 16, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Is OVER…..


I have finally finished watching this drama!!!

Now im gonna blog about the drama as a whole

Personally i really liked this drama, throw in 4 handsome guys..and im all set hahahaha! takes more than that actually.

I dont wanna do any comparison to my fave version, Hana Yori dango, but a little bit wouldnt hurt right ­čśÇ

Firstly, compared to Hana Yori Dango, Boys over flowers was┬á a bit long for me, and the pace wasnt as didnt bore me to death like certain drama’s, i still managed to take a deep breath and just keep on watching. Im sorry..but the scene that involved Ji Hoo’s grandpa was abit too draggy for me.

Secondly, i loved Hana Yori dango’s music, Boys over flowers ost on the other hand wasnt as great as i hoped it would be, but thank god for the second part. It was much more enjoyable and also intune with the scene that was going on. Although i hated Paradise everytime it came on, i was glad they played it at the end of the episode, coz it reminded me of the earlier episodes when i first started tuning in. I loved the song from A&T and from Jisun..she always makes great music!

Third.., i loved Ga euls and Yi jungs chemistry, they looked so chummy together!! and im glad thier relationship turned out the way they did *BIG SMILEEEE :p* where as in HYD, i didnt really like Yuki that almost seems as if she’s just boy crazy over Soujiro hahaha!

4th well…i loved both the ending! and im glad BOF did divert at the last episode from HYD. I especially loved the way Jan di brought Jun pyo back to his senses! Loved it!

5th I didnt root for jan di and ji hoo in any episode, where as in HYD, I kept jumping ships hahahha. I loveddd OGURI’ SHUNS potrayal of┬á Rui. i found Ji hoo to be a bit stiff and doll like..but i warmed up to him in the later episodes. he didnt do that bad of a job.

6th I really actually like woo bin in here compared to the HYD guy. i didnt think they gave him enough screen time. Woo bin didnt either, but at least i remmebered him well..but then again HYD was only 11 episodes….sigh…

7th I still think┬á the HYD’s Makino/Jan di was the best. Jan di seemed a bit retardish in the first few episode. im glad she got better and better as the drama progressed. maybe she heard about her overacting too much..who knows? but she was fine in other episodes.

8th Jun pyo argh…that guy just have the loveliest smile ever!! i didnt think he was that mean to jan di in the first few episode, he warmed up to her pretty fast. I loved Domyouji too in HYD..I cant choose! hahaha! I think they both acted out the character in thier own way, and both really worked out!

9th The last gilr in BOF that was truly annoying wasnt as annoying as the girl in HYD. hahaha, i wanted to rip her skin off when she was on the screen in HYD.

10th lastly..i think the koreans did make a big effort in making Boys over flowers a great drama. not nessecarily the greatest acting, direction, soundtracks..but…they they did give us a lot of entertainment ­čÖé

All in all, im gonna miss Jun pyo and the rest of the cast. I wonder if there will be a BOF second season?? anyone up for it hehehe ­čśŤ



boys over flowers



  1. sy blum abis tingu, by this week sy mesti kasi abis, sy pura2 tia npak dlu ni nah post hahaha

    • hahaha tengok la cepat2!!! tia sabar sy mau cerita hahaha

  2. wah! panjang o.. .ehehehe.. sy baca sikit2 ja sy spot note penting ahahahha!

    sy nda tgk hyd, yg taiwan tu pun mcm sy lupa lupa suda.. jadi sy pun nda tau mana satu bagus between this three, tp seingat sy yg taiwan tu mmg menyakitkan hati tahap dewa.. ahahaha!

    iya.. lakonan jan di yg mula2 macam ada pelik sikit kan? sy pun kdg2 komplain juga ahahaha! tp yg mau last2 suda start yg si grandpa ji hoo mau kasi pasang dorang tu dia mula mcm bertenaga lakonan dia hahaha! tp jan di mmg sesuai dgn watak ni. heee… tapi mungkin juga sebab dia banyak kali accident mungkin mempengaruhi juga kut. huhu..

    jun pyo, ji hoo, ^_^ dua dua sy suka, mmg padan hahah! pendek kata, mmg best cerita ni tidak keterlaluan bagi sy. eheee…

    • hihihi lama sudah kan tu taiwan, sy suka juga tu, ada tengok balik last year, pinjam cd si farrah hahaha.

  3. i have finished the show… yahoo!

  4. kim hyun joon the best
    i don’t like the end of the movie thoung, dan ji and ji joo should be together!!

  5. BOF is very intereting drama…i like it..most my lover …Junpyo…heheh…so handsome guy with cute face…like me..^_^

  6. I seriously don’t agree. Ji hoo is not everybody’s fave. Too much red hair

  7. i like..

  8. me gusta too sobre los coreanos son lindos …

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