Posted by: msbubblea | April 16, 2009

VOTE VOTE ! Boys over flowers? Hana yori dango or meteor garden?



  1. hahaha time for change banner sda lena, nanti weekend sy try buat BOF py theme hahaha

    jun pyo!!!!
    sma sy vote Makino haha

    • yaaaa!!! new one hooo!!! sy pun sama hahahaa

  2. all of the polls was incredibly hard..
    coz all of the versions of boys over flowers was definitely awesome..i mean countries like taiwan, japan, korea;they have their different styles of making boys over flowers to be successful and hit to the viewers..and in the end its obviously suuccessed coz all of the versions has hitted the tv of their respective countries(taiwan,japan,korea)..and also the other two thumbs up for boys over flowers(korea), hana yori dango(japan), meteor garden(taiwan). hope this drama craze will also have philippine version..hehe.

    • You do have a point, and although the taiwanese version wasnt as grand as the other 2, i remembered when i first watched it, i went gaga over it too ­čÖé

  3. yi jung/ kim bum i love you!

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