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  1. the best BOF cast ever! they really did a great job!!

    • they did the best they could!! hehehhe

  2. hahhaha dua2 sy ska bof and hyd

    • sa pun dua2, diffrent version ahhaha

  3. i loved BOF until episode 19.. after that i kept wishing for it to end due to Gun pyo’s cowardly attitude…
    & I love Meteor garden more, mostly because Asz has more balls than Gun Pyo..
    I only love BOF now because i found out about for hyun Joong (love him, crazy for him, obsessed about him!!)

    for drama it would be
    1 meteor garden (i totally fell in love with it)
    2 Hana Yori Dango (loved the movie & Tsukushi)
    3 Boys Over flowers (hated the ending)
    for the main cast:
    1. shan chai – Asz (very believable pair, it made me warm every scene they have together)
    2. Tsukushi – Domyoji (jun matsumoto is great!!!)
    3. Jan di – Gun Pyo (no chemistry)
    for the rival member:
    1 Ji Hoo (I’m obsessed with him right now)
    2 Rui (love his other drama, like hanakimi)
    3 Lei (he was too malnourished in MG, but now he looks hot)
    for other cast:
    1 ga eul (she’s a fighter)
    2 yi jung (cute!!)
    3 xi men (i was crazy for him back in MG)
    4 woo bin (small camera time but still cute)
    5 akira (like his family..)
    6 mei zuo (he is funny)
    7 Xiaoyou (i like rainie- but that is when she is playing with mike)
    8 Sojirou (really like the character)
    9 yuuki (she is a sweetie pie)

    • thank you for ur opinions ­čÖé

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