Posted by: msbubblea | April 25, 2009

Who Are you drama

who are you drama

I cant believe i haven’t written about this drama yet! its been months since i wrapped up watching this drama. I havent seen any of the actors or actresses in this drama anywhere before, so it was refreshing to see them.

I guess it was because of the storyline that prompt me to watch it, and i really loved it!

It starts of kinda childish, and i disliked Go Ah ra’s character in the first few episodes here. she was a tad mean to her father. And after just 1 or 2 episode the whole feel of the drama changed for me. Its started of kinda silly..but as the drama progressed..the storyline somehow grabbed my heart and made me cry and smile and laugh. Although yoon kye sang is older than Go ah ra, i really felt their chemistry.

Yoon kye sang was really funny when he switched bodies with her father, and when he was mean..i could feel his coldness. When love started to blossom between them argh!!!! it was so funny and sweet at the same time!

And yup..its a happy ending drama! if it wasn’t i probably would be depressed for a few days hahahaha!


Cha Seung Hyo is an abandoned child who gets adopted in the United States and grows up to be a cold hearted person. Son Il Gun is a father who died, but he left things unfinished with his daughter. In order to make sure that his daughter is provided for he controls Seung Hyo’s body for three hours a day for 49 days. He buys his daughter the things he couldn’t do when he was alive with Seung Hyo’s money. Il Gun’s daughter, Young In, is a quick-tempered girl who meets Seung Hyo during her part-time job. At first she has a bad impression of him but she gradually starts to fall for the lonely Seung Hyo who is unable to open up to anyone else because of his bitter past.

Director : Sin Hyeon-chang(신현창)

Cast : Yoon Kye-sang(윤계상)

yoon kye sang
Ko Ah-ra(고아라)

Go Ah Ra
Kang Nam-gil(강남길)

kang nam ilSupporting Cast

Jin I-han / Jeong Ho-bin
Ahn Seon-yeong / Jo Deok-hyeon
Ki Joo-bong / Kim Mi-kyeong
Lee Min-jeong / Lee Eon
Kim Hyeong-jung
Park Ji-yeong
Yoon Joo-sang / Kim Seong-eun
Seon-woo Yong-nyeo

who are you dramawho are you dramawho are you dramawho are you drama

And here’s  music video i made from that drama 🙂


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