Posted by: msbubblea | September 17, 2008

Que Sera Sera drama


I decided to download this drama when i read Dramabeans review about it, and it really got me hooked. so me and my bff decided to download it toegther. we finished watching it a few weeks ago so now im gonna blog about it. true to her words..dramabean i mean, this drama is realy not for the weak hearted haha, in evey scene, something just happens, and it makes u wanna know more and more about what happen on the next episode! even i have to admit, i kept on looking at dramabeans recap for this drama just to satisfy my curiosity haha.

i love this drama! i loved eric mun in here eventhough i didnt really like his character in the first few episode. he was too vain and selfish in my perspective, but that all changed when he started faling for Eun Soo. the way his expression changed everytime he was  hurting because of his selfish ways and because of eun soo really takes a jab in my heart haha. he’s such a great acotr considering that he’s from a boyband ofeence Shinwa fans.eric mun is really one talented guy 🙂

Eric Moon as Kang Tae Joo

Eun soo on the other hand, is this naive..realy naive but sweet character, and although sometimes she acts like a 10 year old hahaha, i know a lot of people would grow to love her. she doesnt fit into the beautiful type of main actresses, but its better in a diffrent kind of way, this makes her more memorable to me. and she’s one talented actress.  think this is the first time she’s acted in a drama, she usually does movies. correct me if im wrong 😛

Jeong Yu Mi as Han Eun Soo

Hae Lin is this over confident, spoilt rich girl whose trying to make it into the fashion world without her fathers shadow. eventhough she can be a little bit deperate at times, i find that her character isnt as bad as most kdrama’s. i dont realy hate her chracter there because she isnt too annoying for me, but i liked her clothes everytime she was on the screen haha. and i know he isnt that prety, but her confidence and clothes makes her lok really hot haha.

Yoon Ji Hye as Hae Lin

Joon Hyuk..i first didnt wanted to watch this drama because of him..sorryyyyy…its just that i really didnt like his character in My name is kim sam soon and the image of him in that drama stayed on until … i think he’s a great actor and he managed to scrap his sam soons ex image in this drama, now i look at him as Lee Kyu Han, no more sam soons ex hahaha. i liked his character here although he tends to look and speak like a robot. but i think i can understand why haha.

Lee Kyu Han as Joon Hyuk

i loved and i stress here…i LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama! im actually rewatching it with my sister now, oh and one more thing, i absolutely adore the ost! theres a lot of song from Claziquai which is my fave korean band so..thats why i guess haha. the director for this drama is from My name is kim sam soon, so thats why they decided to choose that band to do most of the songs here anyway, because it was  big hit with sam soon. remmeber she is? i loved that song haha.

my final word is that, this drama is realy worth watching! its got a great plot and great chemistry between all of the cast. i give it a 10/10 both for the drama and the actors and also for the ost 😛

que sera sera

que sera sera

Hers some of my fave ost froom this drama, enjoy 🙂

Moon Crazy

02. woo ri neun – Lee Seung Yul

Bless you – Loveholic

doo son eh – Alex (Clazziquai)

noon boo shin nal deul – Ho Ran (Clazziquai)

Here’s a music clip that i put together 🙂



  1. Eric upa~!!!!
    Aii he’s driving me crazy! He’s such a good actor from hating him to loving him ❤

    wahh ctik o gbar Eun Soo ko!! She’s so damn pretty!!! and cute!!!

    Hae Lin looks old (in the pic) haha

    n joon hyuk upa also cute!!

    aii my sweet fave moment diorg together~~~

  2. AIIII s sweeeto….im rewatching it again hahaha

  3. I can’t stop re-watching all over again, I absolutely love this drama and the ost!! The director did a superb job!

    • me love it tooo!

  4. este men esta un poco guapo aun que aveces se b muy gay per0o esta mas o0 m3n0os me gusta 3l 3l rdama my lov3ly sam s0on saludos

  5. hi… may i know where you download this drama from? its because of dramabeans recommendation that i’m looking for this drama as well, but having a hard time finding it.. please please jeabal …

    • i think i downloaded from, or 🙂

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