Posted by: msbubblea | April 25, 2009

18 vs 29 drama

18 vs 29

I havent written about this drama too…where was i? haha. i watched this last year too. Downloaded it from, a fave site of mine.

I was intrigued with the story line. and i also wanted to know if an older woman could pull off as an 18 year old teenager. that would hilarious right? Yup yup!

Lee joong moon was such a darling in this drama. And although he obviously didnt get the girl, i was glad he was in it because first of all..he has such a cute face haha..and secondly..he is a great actor. And when he cried..UWAAAAA….my heart went numb too ­čśŤ

I liked the part where Hye chan..the girl who lost her memory had to reconnect and fall in love with her husband again. It was sweet! I didnt care much about the other girl..she is pretty..but her character was annoying..and desperate ­čśŤ

This is just one of the dramas where you just want to watch something light and funny and sweet. No major drama as far as i can remmeber. Didnt really like the ost much except for Dan Han Bun Ee Ra Do – Kim Ba Da (Butterfly Effect) Thats why i used it in my video clip hehe.

oH and Si Won was really cute in here too hehe ­čśŤ


park sun young

ryoo soo yeong

park eun hye

lee joong moon

And its a happy ending drama too ­čśÇ

18 vs 2918 vs 29

And heres video clip i made from this drama



  1. Park Sun es muy bonita y tiene mucho encanto la novela muy buena igual que 101 proposal

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