who AM i?

im just a simple girl who loves watching kdrama’s and occasionally jdrama’s. i started watching korean drama when i was 17 in 2002, it was winter sonata and there was just something about korean drama’s that manages to attract me everytime. although i love korean drama’s i am very picky when it comes to watching em. i prefer korean drama with humour rather than those damsel in distress kind of drama. anyway, i would love to share everyones review about the drama’s that they have seen too ­čÖé



  1. You know what…I started watching Jdrama when I was 17 too, and I never stop hahaha


  3. Hey, if you wanna cry, try “Humming”. It’s a Korean movie. You can watch it on mysoju.com. They have tons of movie and drama with English sub.

    Btw, I just watched “Humming” today and I think I got dehydration hahaha.

  4. Recently, I just watched BOYS OVER FLOWERS…Well the drama was good to me compared to the Japanese and Taiwanese versions. yeah I agree that Jan Di tried so hard to bring her 16 year old character to life…On the contrary, Gun Jun Pyo aka Lee Min Ho was so cool n he did pretty well in Boys Over Flowers. I like his wavy hair as well…The hair looks good on him…:)

  5. i agree with u aira hehe. but it wasnt as bad as i tot it would be overall ­čÖé

  6. hi.I wanna ask u where did u watch korean drama ‘the devil’? I’m looking forward for it as mysoju is not working and veoh seems not available in my country. thanks for ur info then

  7. i just started watching asian dramas all together.. and i love them!! but maby someone can help me with this one drama a watched forever ago but cant remember the name of..it was about a girl who profeses her to a boy but he turns her down. there was an earthquake or something and they had to move to a friends house..who happened to be the guy she profesed her love to. a lot of things happen but then he tells her he likes and her what not..they get married and go on a vacation to hawaii.i know there is 2 seasons to it. and that the guy was like a genious. but .thats all i can remember..someone help me!! im dying to see it again..

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