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I havent been updating this blog in a very long time. because i have returned to the field of studying 🙂 I’m curently in Perth learning to be a civil engineering drafter. Because of the limited time i have to watch Kdrama, i have since then only watched one drama and that was My fair lady, starring Yoon Eun hye whom i absolutely adore. But..this drama..totally made me wish i never even touched it. It was cliche to the max, the soundtrack wasn’t memorable, too many side stories that needed to be explored on earth happen to her ex bf? The ending was wrapped up in a way that left alot of people go WHAT D FCK? pardon my language, i know some of you probably enjoyed it, i know my best friend did 😛 But Yoon eun hye could have done better than this.

my fair lady korean drama

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Songs from Boys over flowers

Boys over flowers

I wont post the whole song up since there’s tons of site who already has, but i just wanted to share my fave songs from this drama hehe 🙂

08 One More Time by Tree Bicycle

06 Byeolbinnoonmool – Kim Yoo Kyung

04 Stand By Me by SHINee

01 Paradise (Main Theme) – T-Max

02.My thoughts are bad – SS501

This song, i got from dramabean, this is the song that Jan di sang during Jun pyo’s birthday. This version is sung by Horan from Clazziquai.


01.행복이란 – 김현중

04.곡 정보 보기 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Dance Ver.) T-MAX

03.곡 정보 보기 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Ballad Ver.) T-MAX

I love this song especially when it was playing during Jan di’s fall into the swimming pool in an attempt to jolt Jun pyo’s memory back, soooo haunting..~~

05 Eotteokhajyo – Jisun

04 Aeinmandeulgi – SS50

02.곡 정보 보기 가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐 A&T

And i love Kreah, its where i get my korean lyrics from 🙂

I know the drama has finished, but unless i get my next kick..i wont stop obsessing over this drama hahaha! So, i decided to compile my fave scenes from boys over flowers and make it into a music video..yey!

my youtube id is iduncare99..i sounds has a silly story behind it..but nvr mind hehe

boys over flowers

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18 vs 29 drama

18 vs 29

I havent written about this drama too…where was i? haha. i watched this last year too. Downloaded it from, a fave site of mine.

I was intrigued with the story line. and i also wanted to know if an older woman could pull off as an 18 year old teenager. that would hilarious right? Yup yup!

Lee joong moon was such a darling in this drama. And although he obviously didnt get the girl, i was glad he was in it because first of all..he has such a cute face haha..and secondly..he is a great actor. And when he cried..UWAAAAA….my heart went numb too 😛

I liked the part where Hye chan..the girl who lost her memory had to reconnect and fall in love with her husband again. It was sweet! I didnt care much about the other girl..she is pretty..but her character was annoying..and desperate 😛

This is just one of the dramas where you just want to watch something light and funny and sweet. No major drama as far as i can remmeber. Didnt really like the ost much except for Dan Han Bun Ee Ra Do – Kim Ba Da (Butterfly Effect) Thats why i used it in my video clip hehe.

oH and Si Won was really cute in here too hehe 😛


park sun young

ryoo soo yeong

park eun hye

lee joong moon

And its a happy ending drama too 😀

18 vs 2918 vs 29

And heres video clip i made from this drama

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Who Are you drama

who are you drama

I cant believe i haven’t written about this drama yet! its been months since i wrapped up watching this drama. I havent seen any of the actors or actresses in this drama anywhere before, so it was refreshing to see them.

I guess it was because of the storyline that prompt me to watch it, and i really loved it!

It starts of kinda childish, and i disliked Go Ah ra’s character in the first few episodes here. she was a tad mean to her father. And after just 1 or 2 episode the whole feel of the drama changed for me. Its started of kinda silly..but as the drama progressed..the storyline somehow grabbed my heart and made me cry and smile and laugh. Although yoon kye sang is older than Go ah ra, i really felt their chemistry.

Yoon kye sang was really funny when he switched bodies with her father, and when he was mean..i could feel his coldness. When love started to blossom between them argh!!!! it was so funny and sweet at the same time!

And yup..its a happy ending drama! if it wasn’t i probably would be depressed for a few days hahahaha!


Cha Seung Hyo is an abandoned child who gets adopted in the United States and grows up to be a cold hearted person. Son Il Gun is a father who died, but he left things unfinished with his daughter. In order to make sure that his daughter is provided for he controls Seung Hyo’s body for three hours a day for 49 days. He buys his daughter the things he couldn’t do when he was alive with Seung Hyo’s money. Il Gun’s daughter, Young In, is a quick-tempered girl who meets Seung Hyo during her part-time job. At first she has a bad impression of him but she gradually starts to fall for the lonely Seung Hyo who is unable to open up to anyone else because of his bitter past.

Director : Sin Hyeon-chang(신현창)

Cast : Yoon Kye-sang(윤계상)

yoon kye sang
Ko Ah-ra(고아라)

Go Ah Ra
Kang Nam-gil(강남길)

kang nam ilSupporting Cast

Jin I-han / Jeong Ho-bin
Ahn Seon-yeong / Jo Deok-hyeon
Ki Joo-bong / Kim Mi-kyeong
Lee Min-jeong / Lee Eon
Kim Hyeong-jung
Park Ji-yeong
Yoon Joo-sang / Kim Seong-eun
Seon-woo Yong-nyeo

who are you dramawho are you dramawho are you dramawho are you drama

And here’s  music video i made from that drama 🙂

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korean drama ost anyone??

Im one of those dramafreaks where i just HAVE 2 HAVE the ost for every single drama that ive ever watched HAHA! And if u share the same “hobby” as i do, this site is really really good to download all the ost and extra ost too! I loveeee this site! And i love soompi 🙂crazy

They have some ost for some KOrean movies too yey!happy smiley

Just make sure u have a download manager to grab them k 🙂 Oh and of course u need an account too. just sign up 🙂

Im still missing mad! Im currently rewatching it again with my lil sister. This time though, im feeling Ji hoo’s acting wahahaha!


I loveee his new hair in BOF.

kim hyun joongphoto80772


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Rui, Lei..Ji hoo?? who was ur fave?

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Boys Over Flowers Is OVER…..


I have finally finished watching this drama!!!

Now im gonna blog about the drama as a whole

Personally i really liked this drama, throw in 4 handsome guys..and im all set hahahaha! takes more than that actually.

I dont wanna do any comparison to my fave version, Hana Yori dango, but a little bit wouldnt hurt right 😀

Firstly, compared to Hana Yori Dango, Boys over flowers was  a bit long for me, and the pace wasnt as didnt bore me to death like certain drama’s, i still managed to take a deep breath and just keep on watching. Im sorry..but the scene that involved Ji Hoo’s grandpa was abit too draggy for me.

Secondly, i loved Hana Yori dango’s music, Boys over flowers ost on the other hand wasnt as great as i hoped it would be, but thank god for the second part. It was much more enjoyable and also intune with the scene that was going on. Although i hated Paradise everytime it came on, i was glad they played it at the end of the episode, coz it reminded me of the earlier episodes when i first started tuning in. I loved the song from A&T and from Jisun..she always makes great music!

Third.., i loved Ga euls and Yi jungs chemistry, they looked so chummy together!! and im glad thier relationship turned out the way they did *BIG SMILEEEE :p* where as in HYD, i didnt really like Yuki that almost seems as if she’s just boy crazy over Soujiro hahaha!

4th well…i loved both the ending! and im glad BOF did divert at the last episode from HYD. I especially loved the way Jan di brought Jun pyo back to his senses! Loved it!

5th I didnt root for jan di and ji hoo in any episode, where as in HYD, I kept jumping ships hahahha. I loveddd OGURI’ SHUNS potrayal of  Rui. i found Ji hoo to be a bit stiff and doll like..but i warmed up to him in the later episodes. he didnt do that bad of a job.

6th I really actually like woo bin in here compared to the HYD guy. i didnt think they gave him enough screen time. Woo bin didnt either, but at least i remmebered him well..but then again HYD was only 11 episodes….sigh…

7th I still think  the HYD’s Makino/Jan di was the best. Jan di seemed a bit retardish in the first few episode. im glad she got better and better as the drama progressed. maybe she heard about her overacting too much..who knows? but she was fine in other episodes.

8th Jun pyo argh…that guy just have the loveliest smile ever!! i didnt think he was that mean to jan di in the first few episode, he warmed up to her pretty fast. I loved Domyouji too in HYD..I cant choose! hahaha! I think they both acted out the character in thier own way, and both really worked out!

9th The last gilr in BOF that was truly annoying wasnt as annoying as the girl in HYD. hahaha, i wanted to rip her skin off when she was on the screen in HYD.

10th lastly..i think the koreans did make a big effort in making Boys over flowers a great drama. not nessecarily the greatest acting, direction, soundtracks..but…they they did give us a lot of entertainment 🙂

All in all, im gonna miss Jun pyo and the rest of the cast. I wonder if there will be a BOF second season?? anyone up for it hehehe 😛



boys over flowers

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